From the first notes I heard from Victoria+Jean’s music that got to my ears, I was literally bewitched by Victoria's captivating voice and by Jean’s sharp riffs.
And when I first met them, I didn’t hesitate one moment to go all out in a collaboration with this artistic couple.

The Video Clip of « Where We Belong » is like a dream : it does not tell a story itself, but reveals a series of elements involving memories, which deconstruct, evaporate progressively as time elapses.

The Dancer we see at the foot of a cliff, is a metaphor of a time we’re trying to reach back to, and which is the reason why it’s all edited in backwards.

We shot one part of this video in Brussels in Belgium. I really wanted Victoria to interpret her song — which is something she doesn’t do very often in their videos, and I was sure that her authentic sensitivity was going to have a real screen presence.
All it takes is to go and see them at one of their concerts to understand that Victoria+Jean are in total symbiosis. And that’s the actual reason why I also wanted Jean to appear in the video. The result of it proved me right.

The other part of the video was shot in November in Portugal in the south of Lisbon : I was looking for a cliff near the ocean.

The whole video was shot by a shoulder camera, we didn’t use any machinery. It was important for us to have that swaying feel to it, to feel that nothing is fixed, nothing is anchored. Like time is doing it’s artwork.

For what concerns the technical aspects, we filmed with a Red Camera and a F55 Sony equipped with a Cook S4 option (a special thanks to TSFbe for the great deal for all the camera materiel), we worked in RAW and in DPX 4K, I took care of the Post-Production : Editing, 3D and Color Grading.
All the Explosions are real, and were done live on the set.

Director / productor : Phil Carron
Dir prod : Charène Amoer
DOP : Marco Vieira
Actor : Gloria Abélians
1st director assist : Estel Ménesguen
Camera assist : Émilie Montagner
Camera assist Portugal : Guigui Pop
Gaffer : Antonin Suppes - GuiGui Pop
Art departement :
Art director : Emilie Duval
Art director assit : Sergej Culumarevic
        Sergeil sturmo
        Julien Gourlay
          Jean victore Pion
          Steve Hackx
        Julien Bacquet
FX on set : Toon Sintobin - Sparks-efx
Stylism Victoria : Pierre-Antoine Vettorello
Stylism Jean : Cédric Jacquemyn
MUA : Noel Inocencio
Catering : Maud Gaudin
Set photographer : Ingrid Otto
Post-production - editing - SFX - 3D - color grading : Phil Carron
Special thanks to Laurent Simon from TSFbe

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