Phil Carron has brought out the inner ‘flasher meets teddy-boy’ in French band La Plage, as well as shrinking them down to imp-like size. Phil’s miniature, guitar-wielding terrors run amok among the home before delivering a big surprise to the song’s namesake lady, albeit by tiny people.
Phil Carron: “I had the idea to put the band in interaction with Louise, but I didn’t want to show her during the video: Louise has to be a fantasy. That’s why I chose to show Louise’s universe, to show where she lives, what she eats, what she wears, what she reads, what kind of music she likes and more. But to see the band playing in Louise’s flat was not enough. The idea was to make them small, like mice or something like that. It goes perfectly with the fact that Louise is a fantasy!”
Director : Phil Carron
Prod : La Plage - French Fries
Art director & Post-production : Phil Carron
DP: Marco Vieira
Gaffer: Florent Bagard
Best boy: Julien Desmet
Stylist / Deco: Marion Jouffre
Make up: Gaelle Dehaut

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